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Leading specialists of Gagra+ company have had the experience in the sphere of food ingredients since 1992. Our purpose is to supply the producers of food industry with the best products at the best price. Together with them we create a product of desired quality which will be competitive one. Gagra+ is a sole company in Transcaucasia which has the production of flavorings and essences. It exports goods to Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and China. Gagra+ is a representative of the world's largest companies. Symrise – the leader in the flavoring production, owns 40,000 flavorings. Master Martini is the largest manufacturer of the Italian concern Unigra Spa, which produces grease and ingredients in the South Europe. The specialists and technologies of Gagra+ company help partners with the forming of their own ideas about business improvement that gives them a basis for steady development. Bona Sera – is the European confectionery school where every wisher can attend masterclasses and raise his/her professional skills. This is the constant improvement of design and synthesis of subtle taste.

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